AIPS ASIA and Baladi Express sign a cooperation agreement that enhances support for sports journalists

2024-02-09 | Since 3 Week

AIPS ASIA and Baladi Express sign a cooperation agreement

Doha, 9 February 2024 - The AIPS ASIA and Baladi Express, the largest online shopping platform in Qatar, signed a cooperation agreement on Wednesday in the Qatari capital, Doha, aimed at supporting and developing the field of sports journalism on the Asian continent.

At the signing ceremony, which was attended by the President of the International Sports Press Federation (AIPS) , Mr. Gianni Merlo, the President of the AIPS ASIA, Mr. Hee Don, confirmed that this agreement will open new horizons in the Federation’s course of work during the coming period.

Hee Don expressed his optimism about this strategic partnership and its importance in supporting the development of sports journalism on the continent, stressing the importance of strengthening the role of sports media in transmitting sports events and news in a comprehensive and professional manner.

The President of the AIPS ASIA appreciated the great interaction of Baladi Express in supporting sports journalists as a national company active in the world sports capital, Qatar, which presented an exceptional version of the World Cup, and multiple global and regional championships, the latest of which is the Asian Cup Qatar 2023.

For his part, Dr. Mohammed Othman Al-Muliki, General Manager of Baladi Express, said: “We are very happy with this important step, in partnership with major international media institutions in the world, represented by the Asian Sports Press Federation.

The signing of this agreement reflects our commitment to supporting the sports journalism community and contributing to the development of this vital sector, which has become a mirror for the people. We see its impact today - clearly - in the Asian Cup competitions hosted by the State of Qatar, the world sports capital." He added. 

He continued, saying: "We are committed to providing a supportive environment for sports journalists in Asia, and we strive to support the programs of the Asian Confederation, noting that the Baladi Express partnership in this field reflects the company's desire to enhance the level of professionalism and excellence in the field of sports journalism."

The agreement includes Baladi Express’ support for the Federation’s activities in the continent of Asia, enhancing efforts to raise the level of professionalism in the field of sports journalism in the region, improving the quality of sports coverage and enhancing communication between journalists and audiences in the region.

Baladi Express is the largest electronic shopping platform in Qatar with more than 150,000 products from different brands, and the platform’s application provides its customers with the luxury of electronic shopping for the best and highest quality items.

With a free delivery service through the largest delivery fleet of cars and motorcycles throughout the country.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Vice President of the AIPS, Mr. Mohammed Hajji, the member of the Executive Office of the AIPS, the First Deputy of AIPS ASIA, Mr. Adel Al-Zahrani, the Secretary-General of the AIPS ASIA, Mr. Amjad Malik, the Vice-President and Member of the Qatari Media Committee, Mubarak Al-Buainin, and the Special Advisor to the AIPS ASIA President, Basheer Senan.


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